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How to handle when someone gets too close to you in a store

With stores reopening, there will be more people out. With social distancing in effect, there are some who are getting to close. How to handle.

Yesterday, Tracey McCain posted a question on her Facebook page about how do you handle it if someone has gotten to close to you in a store? Apparently, it's happened to a lot of you. 

Sonja Walker says,  "I stepped forward to keep six feet or more from them." 

Janice Miller writes, "This is so common now. People walk right up on you. I just keep my mask on."

Rose Martin says, "I pointed out the X's on the floor and they stepped back."

When it comes to body language, taking a step back away from someone is significant in a few different ways. It shows that you're taking control of the situation. You're not waiting for the other person. It avoids a confrontation because you don't have to say anything to step back. And it shows respect for both your safety and theirs. Normally, this silent step will help them realize that they're standing too close. 

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Now, with almost everyone wearing face masks in public, there are some body language signs to be aware of. Since your nose, lips and chin are covered with the face mask, focus on someone's eyes. Even with a mask partially hiding the face, you can still see when someone is happy if the corners of their eyes is crinkled. Look at the forehead to check for any muscle tension that can indicate that someone is irritated. The forehead can contract and cause a furrowing in the area between your eyebrows. Or, the muscles can contract and you'll see the deep creases in the forehead. 

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