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How to help kids be less scared of masks in social situations

Hanging out with classmates will be different with mask wearing and social distancing. Blanca Cobb shares tips on helping kids acclimate to new school year changes.

It appears that kids will have a combination of online learning and in person learning this next school year. But, with all the fear about getting too close to other people, kids might not be sure how or if to approach classmates.

With young kids, who'll more than likely have a tougher time, talking while wearing masks and judging six feet distance, I say to make it fun and game like. Let's start with estimating six feet. You can use a measuring tape and mark the start and stop. Ask your little one to count the number of steps it takes to walk the six ft. Have them remember that number. Let's say it's 10. Then they know that they have to be 10 steps away from the next person. While they're learning this - mix it up - they can walk backwards. Or, walk sideways. 

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Parents can help their kids get used to interacting with peers while wearing masks by wearing masks when talking at home. Make sure that you're six feet apart. Speak in different volumes so kids can start to judge at what pitch their voice needs to be to carry six feet. 

Parents can also help their children identify different body language gestures that would your kids know what someone is feeling. For example, crinkled corners of the eyes indicates that someone is smiling and is happy. 

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