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How to journal the right way

What do you want an answer to? That's a driving question to help you journal. Blanca Cobb explains.

Is there a certain way to journal? If you google ways to journal, you'll see that there are different ideas about journaling. To give yourself direction when you journal, ask yourself what's the question you want answered. What problem do you want to solve?

When you write down what's bothering you, what you're struggling with, you can see patterns in your writing - of what's really heavy on your mind. You can have a brain dump of ideas, possible solutions. Then you're taking the heaviness from you mind on paper, you take a step back and read and reread what you wrote. Your mind will start looking and processing the information for solutions. You can start putting pieces together of possibilities. 

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Now, not every one likes to write. If you're on the fence about journaling because you're not a fan of writing, I have a few suggestions. Remember that journaling is for you, it isn't like a term paper. Grammar, spelling, punctuation doesn't matter. Your journal is private. Start writing for a few minutes a day for several days to see how you like it. Also, think about it this way. Let's say that you're dealing with a situation that you're not ready to talk to anyone about. You can write your thoughts and feelings instead of talk to someone. This way you can keep the situation private. 

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