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How to let go of the past hurts to move on

You can feel stuck when you don't understand how something

Letting go can be difficult. In a recent interview with People magazine, Ann Curry, revealed that she's still hurt from being fired from the TODAY Show eight years ago. And this got us thinking about ways to let go of something that's hurt you so you can live peacefully.

A common reason that it's hard to let go is when the situation doesn't make sense to you. When you don't understand what happened or why it happened. You want to understand. In Ann Curry's case, she said that she didn't do anything wrong. Logically, if you feel that you didn't do anything wrong then how could you be fired. Or, if this is relationship then you think that you didn't any signs or that you loved the person and treated them well so a break up doesn't make sense.  

Here are a few suggestions to help you.

1) Figure out what's stopping you from letting go. Is it because you thinkyou can't get another job like the one you were fired from? Or, do you think that you won't find another love? Or, you don't understand what happened and why the situation ended badly?

2) Challenge your beliefs. Ask yourself, why wouldn't you find another job? Or,why wouldn't you find someone who really loves you?

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3) Control what you can so this means you, your thinking and emotions. What learning lessons come from those past experiences that you can avoid in the future? You control how you view situations, you control your outlook. Take action. And live your life. 

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