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How to have a fun summer vacation during the pandemic

Pre-planning can make summer vacations more fun for the whole family during the coronavirus pandemic.

Packing up for a road trip with kids for summer vacation can be a challenge under normal circumstances. Now, add in vacationing with kids during a pandemic - and that will surely make things more challenging.

A big concern this summer is safety during your vacation. This means limiting exposure to the coronavirus. Making sure that there are safety measures (clorox wipes, face masks, social distancing) wherever you go.  

Many people like to go to the beach during the summer months. You want to think about going to a less popular and populated place like the lake. At lakes, there are lake houses that usually have a lot of distance between the homes. Or, perhaps, you'll consider the mountains where it'll be a little cooler. Mountain lodges might have pools. Wherever you go keep in mind your kids' ages and developmental level as well as their interests. 

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Thinking ahead about potential problems will make your vacation relaxing once you're there. Consider entertainment and activities for your kids. Think about naptimes and times that your little ones are super active. Active children might like to run and play and with social distancing in effect this can prove to be difficult in certain places. Also, think about meal times because when kids get hungry then they might pull off their face masks to signal that it's time to eat. 

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