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How to stay positive about a pandemic school year

No one's really sure what the new school year will look like given the coronavirus pandemic. Blanca Cobb gives tips on how to stay positive.

Governor Roy Cooper will be making an announcement tomorrow about the new school year. The coronavirus pandemic has caused and is continuing to cause disruption to life. As parents adjust to a new normal, it can be daunting. Depending on whether kids return to school campus, have online learning or a combination of the two, not every parent will be pleased with the decision.

Parents are a big influence in their kids' lives. Parents attitude sets the stage about how kids should feel or view the world. Kids are always looking, watching and listening for guidance and direction from their parents. If parents are positive then the positivity rubs off on their kids. And will help kids regulate their emotions and mindset. Parents should deal with their emotions/negativity privately.

It's all in the way parents handle their concerns. They can voice concerns with their partner and other parents. With their kids, they can turn their concerns into solving problems. For example, a parent might be concern that their kid won't wear a mask for a whole school day. then parents can let their kids practice wear masks for longer periods of time at home. Develop a reward system.

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Kids might not like the school decision either. Parents should respond with empathy and looking at the situation from their kid's point of view, even if they don't agree with their child. Acknowledge how they feel and point out the positive in the situation. For example, let's say your child doesn't like when someone gets to close to them. Teach them different ways to solve the problem and if they get anxious about someone being too close then teach them relaxation. For this to become a new behavior then you have to give your kids many opportunities to practice at home. Or, let's say that your kid doesn't want to do virtual learning because they'll miss their friends. Then you two can talk about ways to incorporate time with friends if schools are closed.

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