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'When You See Something, Say Something,' High Point University President Credits Attentive Students For Saving Lives

19-year-old, Paul Steber will remain in jail and undergo a judge ordered mental health evaluation.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — High Point University President Nido Qubein has a lot to say about the shooting plot that was foiled Tuesday night. High Point Police arrested 19-year-old, Paul Steber of Boston, Massachusetts and confiscated two guns and ammunition found in his campus dorm room. 

Police say he admitted to officers that he was planning a school shooting, documents state. Police also say he had a "plan and timeline to kill people," including his roommate.

High Point University says several students reported to HPU staff that Steber had guns in his possession. Steber was removed from campus and the guns were given to the High Point Police Department.

"Our security responded in a timely manner, they involved the High Point Police Department as our protocol calls for and the matter was turned over to the police immediately and the danger was removed from the campus instantaneously," said President Nido Qubein, Thursday.

Qubein thanked students who were observant and noticed unusual behavior from Steber and reported it.

"We have students and staff who spotted the danger and who immediately told our security about that danger. The system worked, people stepped up and stepped out and the result has been a good one, a safe one for this community," added Qubein.

Steber made his first appearance Wednesday afternoon. Below are some of the details that emerged from Steber's first court hearing.

  • Steber purchased the guns over the weekend.
  • Steber had been thinking about the shooting since last Christmas.
  • Steber said he wanted to rush a fraternity and that if his roommate got in and he didn't get in, he would kill his roommate and himself.
  • He researched and watched videos of the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting and other mass shootings so he would learn what and what not to do.
  • Steber told authorities he attended school in North Carolina specifically because 'it was easier to get a gun'. 
  • He has no prior criminal history.

Prosecutors said in the case he is released, he must not have access to the internet, should be monitored and must surrender his passport. The judge approved that Steber should undergo a mental health evaluation.

Another hearing is set for September 6, for the results of the evaluation and to determine if Steber would be considered for release on bond.

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