GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Between 400, and 500 students walked out of class today at Grimsley High School.

Another 76 also walked out at Page High School in Greensboro.

They walked out today, in a protest against gun violence.

Student organizers say they want gun reform, and they want it now.

"It was an inspiring thing for me as a Principal to see my students come together in one concerted effort to speak about those things that were important to them," said Johncarlos Miller, the Grimsley Principal.

Students planned the protest last night.

When the administration heard about it -- they decided to stand behind their students.

"It's not okay for parents to send their kids to school, and something like Florida happen -- and our Students recognize that," said Miller.

"There's nothing wrong with that, no matter what beliefs you have. Everybody has different beliefs, so it's always good to speak up for what you believe in," said Christopher Lyle, a Sophomore at Grimsley.

The organizer I spoke with says she expected about 20 kids to show up today.

When hundreds piled out -- it was overwhelming.

"I started crying. It got too emotional, I had people come out, and come up and hug me -- that was so surreal," said Sara Jado, who organized the event.

Which is why she believes now is the time for change.

"We have one weapon that no other generation had. We have social media. If we get together all the schools if we get together as one, I believe we can truly make a difference," said Sara Jado the organizer, and a Senior at Grimsley.

At the rally at Grimsley, several students stood up sharing what they believed. One girl saying "Nobody needs to die at 14, or 6, or any other age," and "We all have a purpose."

Students won't face any consequences and were actually supported by Principals, and the Superintendent.

They say this was an incredible learning experience for the kids -- and they are proud of them.

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