GREENSBORO, N.C. — Have you noticed anything different about your water bill lately?

Has it doubled or even tripled?

Rashad Rodas says that's exactly what has happened. 

"I said to myself, 'no, this is not normal, something is truly wrong here,'" Rodas said.

She lives off Cottage Place in the Battleground area of Greensboro. 

"I went to the mailbox picked up the water bill and I opened it up actually just gasped and I said, 'Huh,' why is the bill extremely high?!'''

Her bill was more than $300 dollars this month when it's normally in the $80-$100 range. 

"There isn’t that issue of running water so I’m just taken aback," Rodas said. "I can't believe I have three bills in one, a $350 dollar bill is unacceptable."

Rodas says she wants answers. Jeff Kimel of Greensboro Water Resources says the department has seen an influx of bill complaints since last Friday. 

"I would say; calls and emails have been around 20, so we will go ahead and work with those individuals and change the meters out and test them," Kimel said. 

Water Resources has not seen one concrete problem that the department can attribute to the higher bills. 

"No one problem that we can see right now," Kimel said. 

But Water Resources is still doing their 'due diligence' to test meters for potential problems. Kimel said they are even temporarily offering to switch out your meter for free if you've seen an astronomical bill hike. 

"We’re kind of putting aside our normal policy which we can charge individuals for the meter test because we incur cost going out and changing the meter and so forth, but in this case with the concern we’re going to work with these individuals for a period of time."

Kimel said the issues could boil down to a leak or running toilet, but say they are taking customers bill concerns very seriously. So far the department has switched out about ten meters since receiving complaints last week. 

"We haven’t seen anything with the meters or a transmitter sending out a higher read than what the meter is reading which would be of concern."

If you have questions about your water bill you can contact Jeff Kimel at 336-373-2639 or Mark Chester at 336-373-4108.