GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When you go to the library, you probably come home with books, but one Greensboro woman says she went to the library... and came home with bed bugs in her books.

"I'm terrified they're just crawling in my house right now, said Chassidy Simmons who lives in Guilford County.

Simmons says bed bugs came into her house from her library books.

"It bit my face, and I jumped up and went into the bathroom. I come back, i look up and I see it run back into the book," said Simmons.

Along with several bites, she's throwing a lot of her stuff away.

"My closet, which has my stuff in it now -- but I had to rip my carpet out of that... I've taken the pictures off my wall, I've ripped the backs off my pictures," said Simmons.

"I mean, I don't have a nice house by far, but I've bought everything I have and it costs money," said SImmons.

We spoke with the City Of Greensboro, and they say when you're dealing with people from all walks of life -- these things can happen.

"We open our doors to the community, we serve the community, those things are brought in. It is a common problem all around the world," said Butch Shumate, who is the Facilities Manager for the CIty of Greensboro.

However, the City says there is no way to tell if the Bed Bugs came from their Library.

So now, Simmons must deal with the problem herself.

"I don't even want any money, I just want them to spray my house. If not -- then let everybody know that is going to the library that they have bed bugs," said Simmons.

To be clear, the City says the bed bugs did not come from the Library.

Over the past few years, they've had dogs that can sniff out bed bugs go through the Library to check for them.

In fact, they say they had the dogs in about a month ago.

They also say If they do find any bed bugs, they can put the books in a special heater to kill them.

If you find bed bugs in your books what can you do? Well, there are several supposed remedies. Tea Tree Oil can help kill them, some places say alochol can help, and there are even some articles which say using a steamer can help kill bed bugs.

However, many times you will end up having to call a professional.