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iCan Swim Camp looking for volunteers to aid in helping those with disabilities learn to swim

The camp, which runs from June 14-18, will be held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. Volunteers have to age 15 or older.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Being able to enjoy a swim on a hot summer day is something every kid should be able to enjoy and the iCan Swim Camp is making that easier!

The 5-day camp is looking for volunteers to help aid those ages 3 and older with disabilities to swim.

Ashely Collier, Camp Organizer, said though there may be several opportunities for water activities and things to do if your child is not water conscious it’s probably not a fun place for you and your family to go.

“That happens disproportionately if your child has a disability,” Collier added.

The camp which runs from June 14 – 18 will be held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center and is currently looking for volunteers.

“Volunteers make this program go, they need to be ages 15 or older [and] they need to be able to commit to the same timeline for camp.”

Volunteers for the program will also undergo a 2-hour orientation the day before camp starts which will provide specific additional details for the person they will be working with.

Most of the iCan Swim volunteers are usually teens in which Collier says come in for one thing and leave out with another.

“Most of them are teenagers and want service-learning hours and that’s maybe how they get there, but when they leave they realize that the person that they helped is just like them and just wants to have more fun in the water. Volunteers always leave feeling more enriched and more connected with everybody around them.”

If you’d like to help out and become a volunteer at the iCan Swim Camp click here

For for more general information about the iCan Swim Camp click here.