WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Rarely do you find that combination of beauty, and brawn. This weekend's ice storm though, definitely fit the bill.

A little bit of beauty, with a lot of brute strength.

"I heard the tree come down in a flash and I knew for the second time in a month that we were out of power," said Bettie Phiffner, who lives on Minart Drive in Winston-Salem.

"Not again!" Is what Bettie Phiffner thought when her Mill Creek neighborhood went dark.

"I didn't like it very much that night last time because it was, I'm all alone except for my cat, and it was very dark and very cold. But, I'm fortunate," said Phiffner.

In this case, she was much more fortunate than her neighbor Greg James who woke up to a tree somewhere he definitely didn't want it.

"On the top of my car..," said James.

Really there were pieces of three trees that fell onto James' car Saturday night.

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The worst part is they probably wouldn't have hit his car at all, except he was trying to be prepared.

"We have a pretty steep driveway, and yesterday I thought I was being prepared and I put it at the bottom, put loads of ice melt on the driveway and when I found out we didn't have power I looked out the window and saw the tree on top of my car," said James.

Both Greg and Betty know there's not much they can do when something like this happens.

"We're living in a neighborhood with lots of beautiful trees, means some of them come down," said James.

"Just bundle up! My neighbor since the last storm has gotten a generator. I don't think I want one of those, but yeah you just bundle up," said Phiffner.

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Though the power may be out all you really need is a spark of hope to kindle some joy.

"We will play some games, wait for the power to come on. When we lost it at Christmas we spent a lot of time watching for the Christmas lights to come back on, and when they did it was a magical moment. So we it'll be the same today, or tomorrow," said James.

Duke Energy tells WFMY News 2 they hope to have most people's power restored by Monday.

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