HIGH POINT, N.C. — Emmanuel Simeon faces six different charges including second degree murder,  driving while impaired and fleeing for elusion.

According to police, an officer tried to pull over 19-year-old Simeon for speeding yesterday when he took off, made it up to 100 miles per hour, ran a red light and hit 42-yer-old David Hill's SUV.

Investigators say Simeon smashed into the white SUV that Hill was driving, sending it down an embankment and into a parking lot.

Hill died at the scene.

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The 42-year-old from Winston-Salem leaves behind two children, an 11-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl.

David Hill
Jonathan Hill

In a statement, the victim's boss at The Alderman Company, Jeff Williams, told us Hill, a photographer, was just on his way to work.

"We knew something was wrong when he was late – David was never late.  Two of us went to the accident site looking for our colleague and were overwhelmed.  We have heard another driver’s alleged excessive speed, impairment, eluding a police officer, and running a red light were the factors leading to what we saw.  This makes the situation all the more tragic as it means this was not an accident."

Today, the suspect had his first appearance in court. There as well, the attorney representing the victim's family.

The family's attorney, Keith Black, says the they have one simple request:

"When you get home tonight, if you have a loved one, you have to hug them and tell them that you love them because they're not going to get to do that," Black shared in an interview on behalf of the family.

Simeon is due again in court July 26th. He's currently in jail under a $1 million dollar bond.

Black, who described them as "very close knit," says they request privacy as they mourn Hill -- a son, brother and father of two.

David Hill
George Blackburn