You've seen and heard the warnings. Stay six feet away. No more than ten people in a group. But, yet, many aren't listening to the warnings. People weigh the risk-reward of the warning. They're weighing what they'll lose vs. what they'll gain. So in this case, spring breakers in Florida beaches. They decided that giving up their spring break (planned, paid for, anticipated) wasn't worth the potential risk of catching a virus that doesn't really impact their age group. And if they did catch it then their survivability is pretty good. 

If someone doesn't respect social distancing with you then you have to act. Let's say you're at the grocery store and you see a neighbor who stops to chat. You notice that they're a little too close to you. You feel uncomfortable. You put the distance between you by taking a step back. If they comment on your distance then you can say something like "I want to keep you safe." That's hard to argue with.

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