DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — You might want to take a second look at your vehicle property tax bill before you pay it.

A Lexington man did and realized the state valued his trailer more than three times what it's actually worth.

"I just want everybody to be aware of that to keep your eyes open because what they put on that paper ain’t always right." Zachary Sink said.

He was shocked when the appraisal for his personal 20-foot trailer came back just over $9,500. He only payed $2,500 for it.

"I'd like to know where they come up with three times the value of a new trailer and this one is three years old," Sink said. "But the ladies at the tax office were very nice helpful. It's not their fault. I stress people to not take it out on them they're just trying to do their job."

An employee at the Davidson County Tax Office told me a Raleigh-based computer system uses the VIN to determine value, but sometimes they don't have adequate information.

If you bring documents proving what you paid for it, oftentimes they can give a lower value amount.

Documents could include a bill of sale or a second opinion from a dealer.

Sink didn't have a bill of sale since he bought it from a friend who transferred the title. So he went directly to Kaufman Trailers of NC Inc., the maker of the trailer, based in Davidson County.

They wrote a letter on his behalf, confirming the value of a trailer like his.

He took that to the tax office and the appraisal was changed to $2,250. It saved him about $42 on his annual bill.

"You know I don’t mind paying my fair share, but that’s ridiculous. How many people do they get for that $40? It’s just kind of robbery by the state if you ask me." Sink said.

For Sink it was his trailer, but this also applies to your car.