WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — It's spring in North Carolina and we are no stranger to wild weather. 

Between wind and rain, and an already-saturated ground: there's a possibility the trees in your yard could topple over.

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"A lot of trees are coming down because all the rain, and then we get this wind and the ground is so saturated they’re going to fall," Danny Hill of Triad Roofing and Tree Services said.

But we don't want that. So here are some signs you can hopefully spot before it's too late. 


1. You can look at the bottom of the tree where the roots are and if there’s a swell there, that's a problem 

2. Any sort of lean is a bad sign. If your tree starts leaning, have someone look at it immediately especially if it's leaning toward your house or a neighbors.

3. Discoloration of your tree. 

4. Alan Hill of Tarheel Residential Tree Services says you can just look at your branches and if they’re looking old and there’s no leaves growing off them in the spring or summer, that's a tell. 

5. Be especially cautious of pine trees Danny Hill said. They have a shallow root system that is easily uprooted when the wind hits, with an already-saturated ground.

Both Danny Hill of Triad Roofing and Tree Services and Alan Hill of Tarheel Residential Tree Service say that 2018 and 2019 have been their busiest yet, and they've been in the tree business for decades. 

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"With the storms coming through and the winds and rain its been ridiculously busy," Alan said. 

"Not since I can recall, about the busiest I’ve seen it," Danny added.

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