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Greensboro Police Chief Brian James talks about retirement, future

For the first time since his announcement, Greensboro Police Chief Brian James talked about his retirement plans.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — For the first time, we're hearing from Greensboro Police Chief Brian James about his retirement plans. On Monday, he announced his decision, after 26 years on the force. 

Wednesday, he told us what influenced his decision, where he feels he succeeded, and what's next for him and his family.

Chief James said there are multiple reasons behind his decision to retire from the Greensboro Police Department (GPD), and after speaking with him for close to an hour, it was clear what his number one reason is for leaving.

Chief Brian James' love for the city of Greensboro goes without question. However, during our conversation today, I learned a lot about another love in his life, his family. 

"It was a good time for me and my family. Certainly, this job takes a toll on your family even if you're not serving as chief it's challenging because your family also signs up for this job. The hours aren't always the same, the stressors are not always the same as most jobs, and it was a good time for us to transition into the next phase of life."

Chief James went on to say "I'm 52 years old, certainly old enough to retire from the Police Department, but still young enough to hopefully start another career at some point."

As of now, Chief James said there's no definite plan for what's next, but one thing is for certain.

"Greensboro is my home. I was born and raised here and I'll always have a connection to this community... I love this city, and I love the people, and no matter where I'm at it will always be a part of who I am because it made me who I am."

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