GREENSBORO, NC -- The controversy over confederate monuments keeps hitting close to home.

A police report has been filed after someone hung a pair of underwear from the confederate statue at Green Hill Cemetery in Greensboro.

For Rodney Williams, it’s more than just a monument.

“It's the reason that I started studying the history of the war between the states.”

15 members of Williams’ family fought in the Confederate Army including his great grandfather who fought in the Civil War.

Williams is a longtime member of the Sons of the Confederacy.

For the last 31 years, he's been the sole caretaker of the monument at Green Hill Cemetery.

“Monuments are placed here to remind us that war is a terrible thing and we should try to avoid it at all costs,” said Williams.

Williams says the monument is built on top of the grave site of more than 300 soldiers who died in the line of battle.

“These people that are buried here are somebody's family. Somebody's blood kin,” he said. “Would you like it if somebody came in to a cemetery where you have a loved one buried and dumped trash on their grave?”

Williams says the person who desecrated the monument should be charged with a crime.

“Someone putting a pair of dirty underwear, some people might consider that to be a child prank but when you put that on somebody's grave, it's not a prank. It's offensive and it's vile,” he said.

With political unrest continuing to grow, Williams says he'll be keeping a closer eye on his statue from now on, by patrolling the grounds on foot.

“If you are planning on doing something to any of these monuments or cemeteries, be forewarned, if you are caught you will be turned in,” said Williams.

Williams has filed a police report hoping investigators will find the person who hung the underwear.

According to Williams, the Sons of the Confederacy is working on a plan to put up cameras around confederate statues and monuments for security.