GREENSBORO, N.C. – Members of the Lake Jeanette Association, Inc. received a letter late last week, indicating the sale of the Lake is moving forward. However, the Board and the Association’s manager assured homeowners that there would not be any drastic changes to the Lake, or what it is used for, if the sale goes through.

J.W. Demolition sent the Association a letter in late June, stating they, “have no plans to drain the lake, open the lake up to the public, make drastic changes to the current buffer or damage the existing tranquility of the current landscape.” However, company representative J. Will Dellinger wrote they are, “considering a plan to allow tasteful private docks for private property owners where feasible.”

The Board also included in the letter a survey taken by members, with more than half responding. Of those combined Lakefront and Non-Lakefront Property owners, 30 percent are in favor of docks on Lake Jeanette, while 70 percent are against docks.

The Lake Jeanette Board recommends the Association work with the potential buyer to continue the “current uses and existing rules” of the lake.

The sale is still pending, but the Board expects a closing in the next 30 to 60 days.

If the sale does not go through, there is a chance the Lake Jeanette Association could buy the Lake. However, members would need to vote and approve an increase in dues to pay for the maintenance and operating costs of the lake.