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Lexington clinic serving underinsured rebuilds after frozen pipes, flooding

Davidson Medical Ministries has reopened after single-digit temperatures caused 3 large water pipes to freeze and burst, flooding the office on Christmas Eve.


For more than 30 years Davidson Medical Ministries has cared for un-insured and under-insured patients in their Lexington office.

That was until last Christmas eve. 

"We were about 2 and 3 inches under water," said Executive Director Sandy Motley. 

She says single digit temperatures caused pipes to freeze and burst, inside the clinic. 

The water filled the clinic and also created a virtual ice rink in their parking lot. 

"Where you see those tiles right there, were knocked out and 3 big pipes were burst open and water was flowing like a waterfall," said Motley. 

Motley says the clinic was only closed for 2 days. 

"We were able with our community partners to kind of farm out our clinic to a church up the street, to the Daymark building to the public library, our garage next door became our clerical area. We did a lot of telehealth," said Motley. 

On Saturday, she and her team opened their doors to showcase months of work that has made the office look new again. 

Last year, Motley says the clinic served more than 13,000 patients and filled more than 40,000 prescriptions.

"We have patients tell us that 'you are the only people that care if I live or die.' To me, that's very humbling and it's very honoring to think that somebody believes in us that much that they consider us their family," said Motley.

April Cook is the CEO for the North Carolina Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

She says offices like Davidson Medical Ministries are crucial. 

Not only for the patients but they also build a stronger community.

"They know how to stretch a dollar but more importantly they know how to treat patients and improve their overall quality of life," said Cook. 

Now that the clinic has rebuilt, Motley says can finally look forward to her retirement. 

However, the work of the clinic she has ran for 32 years is far from complete. 

"This fall, we'll have our mobile medical unit that will be going to 4 outlying communities in the counties. We'll be sure to call you back when the bus arrives," said Motley.

The newly rebuilt office is open to patients Monday through Friday. 


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