Piedmont Triad International Airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport made the Transportation Security Administration's most recent list of airports where people had guns in their carryons!

During the last week of July, TSA agents found 96 guns in carry-on bags nationwide. That's a record!
Of the 96 guns, 85 were loaded and 26 had a round, chambered, which has officials concerned.

TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz said, "You see the way people fling their bags onto the x-ray belt in the checkpoints and if one of those guns is loaded and it discharges, there could be a fatal, tragic result."

  • The gun found at PTI was a nine millmeter, that was loaded and had a round in the chamber.
  • There were two incidents in Charlotte Douglas, and in both of those cases the gun was loaded.

To see more on what the TSA finds at checkpoints, check out their blog or TSA instagram account.