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Local artist with autism walks during fashion week in NYC

The show was put on to help people with disabilities feel empowered and confident in adaptable clothing.

LARGO, Fla. — A local artist from Largo, Dane Capo, got to walk the runway during fashion week in New York City. 

The Runway of Dreams Foundation put on the fashion show he took part in. The show aims to allow people with disabilities to feel confident and empowered in adaptable clothing. 

Due to Dane Capo's fine motor skill issues, he can't tie shoelaces. During the show, he sported adaptable sneakers with zippers. His mom says it was incredible to watch him walk down the runway feeling confident.

“He walked for Target, they have an adaptability clothing line. It was magical," Krista Capo said. 

Along with making his mark in the fashion world, his mom says he has also accomplished another big goal. Dane Capo has joined The Learning Academy at USF. 

“Did I ever think Dane would be on a university campus? No, absolutely not," Krista Capo said. 

The Learning Academy is a 30-week program for young adults with autism. “They have the ability to place them into jobs and some of them end up applying to the college and attending," Krista Capo explained. 

Dane Capo arrives at USF four days a week all on his own. His mom says this has been a huge step for him. “Setting his alarm, being on time, getting his stuff out the door," she said. 

His mom says the program has a 75 percent success rate. She says the goal is for her son to either enroll in classes or get a job when he completes the program. He is set to finish up in April of 2023.

Check out Dane Capo's website here.

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