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4 FAQ's about COVID-19 and summer water fun, answered by a health care professional

"Get the vaccine and your pretty safe," advises Cone Health Chief Physician Executive Dr. Bruce Swords.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With Summer fast approaching, restrictions easing, and temperatures rising, people are more than ready to hit the water! 

But just how safe is pool and water fun with some still not being fully vaccinated?

We spoke with Cone Health Chief Physician Executive Dr. Bruce Swords to answer some frequently asked questions. 

#1 Can COVID-19 Spread Via Swimming Pools?

"The short answer is no, there is no evidence that COVID is transmitted in water whether it's a local pool, lake, ocean..." 

#2 Does chlorinated pool water kill the coronavirus?

"The short answer is yes, and that doesn't mean that unchlorinated water transmits COVID, we just know that the evidence suggests that people in a pool have not been transmitted (with COVID) in that situation. 

#3 Indoor vs. Outdoor Swimming Which Is Safer?

"So we don't know the answer to that.  If I were to choose for anyone, I would say outdoors just because being outdoors is better than being indoors and I'll take the opportunity to say it's better to be outdoors and vaccinated than indoors and unvaccinated."

#4 If I’m fully vaccinated, do I have anything to worry about?

"No, people who have had the vaccine rarely can get COVID so there's a 95 percent efficacy of not being able to catch COVID and of course those people who might get COVID even though they've been vaccinated, are unlikely to get sick and almost zero percent chance of hospitalization. So get the vaccine and your pretty safe." 

Hope you're feeling a bit safer already, happy diving!