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'Lock it or lose it' | Greensboro police warn against leaving valuables in unlocked cars

Greensboro police report around 1,902 incidents of larceny from auto vehicles this year.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro police said while the number of car-related larceny reports is down, it's still a big problem. 

That's why officers are sending a reminder about the 'Lock it or Lose it' campaign to urge residents to always lock their cars.

"Just in general, we always like to remind the public to lock their car doors and keep things out of sight," Officer P.A. Watson of the Greensboro Police Department said. 

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Don't forget to lock your cars and hide your valuables tonight. #9pmroutine

Posted by Greensboro Police Department on Monday, September 14, 2020

According to records from the police department, around 1,902 incidents of larceny from auto vehicles have been reported this year. Compare that to the number of reports from this time last year which stood at 2,414, according to police. They said that number is down 21% which is positive. However, when compared to the city's five year average of 1,579, auto-related larceny the number is up about 20%, according to police.

Police added thieves are targeting unlocked cars and ransacking them for valuables. 

"Anything from cell phones to wallets, IDs, electronics, anything that somebody would put in their car and take with them somewhere. It's a multitude of things that we find are being taken," Watson said. 

He also said the break-ins could happen anywhere and anytime thieves find an opportunity, hence the message, lock it, or lose it.

"It's very effective and simple if you don't lock your car door or your home, there's a potential for you to lose something," Watson said.

Police also advise not only should you lock your cars and take all valuables inside with you, do not leave behind any keys inside the car.