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Bring out the best in your long distance relationship

Long distance relationships usually have a bad rap. With life turning virtual because of the coronavirus, people are looking are reconsidering them.

Now that businesses had to pivot because of the coronavirus pandemic, we're giving a second look to the virtual life. And this means our social lives as well. More specifically to our love lives. Long distance relationships have historically had a bad rap because couples rarely see each other. We want to take a second look at long distance relationships now that being virtual is more common and accepted. 

Many people don't want to be in a long distance relationship because it can be difficult. There can be challenges such as not seeing each other as frequently as you'd like. Some people argue that trust is a concern because you don't know what they're up to. The same can be true for couples who live in the same city or in the same home. You may not make time for each other or you can trust issues as well. Long distance relationship is about the bond between the two of you not the distance. What's most important is having an end game meaning there has to be a time that you merge your lives together. Otherwise, your relationship won't survive. 

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While you're apart, you can use technology to your advantage. You should have frequent communication through text, calls, email, video calls. Simulate your offline life into an online one. Have dinners, watch movies, take walks on Facetime. You can listen to music, sing or dance on a zoom video call. Send "thinking of you" texts, messages and photos.

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