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Love and Marriage Huntsville's Melody Holt speaks out about the reality of starting a business during a pandemic

4.4 million new businesses were created in 2020, a record high compared to previous years.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — One Huntsville woman is among the 4.4 million people that created new businesses in 2020. 

36-year-old Melody Holt is an actress, recording artist, motivational speaker, and a TV-personality. Through the difficulties of the pandemic, Holt has created an empire. 

Holt accredits her success to buckling down, and creating a written list of goals and New Year's resolutions. 

"I love to write down my goals for the year and that allows me to really keep track of where am, what I am accomplishing, and what I'm kind of falling behind on that I may need to catch up on," Holt explains. "I think it's also a great idea to articulate your goals to your friends to your family because it  gives you the opportunity for people to hold you accountable." 

By the end of the year, only nine percent of people have completed their New Year's Resolution, a statistic that Holt says needs to increase. 

"We've got to make sure we are making realistic type of resolutions," Holt said. 

With a total of over 800,000 positive COVID cases in Alabama, Holt recognizes the mental and physical challenges that the pandemic brought with it.

"2020 there were all kinds of things coming at us from every which way," Holt said. "So, goals that you set, or resolutions that you set in 2019, if you didn't meet those in 2020, it's okay! 2020 was a crazy year." 

To learn more about Melody Holt visit her website.

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