GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Plans are in the works to turn part of northwest Greensboro into the "Central Park" of the city.

Parks & Rec wants to combine the Greensboro Science Center, Country Park and the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park into the Battleground Parks District. It's part of a bond referendum that would cost $5M, just for phase one.

Renovations to the area would include sculptures, gardens, waterfalls and a carousel.

Glenn Dobrogosz with the Greensboro Science Center says the project would increase tourism and grow the economy.

"Between the public sector and the private sector, we're talking millions and millions of dollars funneling in," Dobrogosz said. "All for one purpose. Bringing people into our economy. That's pure economic development."

The project is part of 1 of 4 bond referendums on the november ballot. If all four are passed, officials say property taxes could go up slightly.