RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Deputies say a school custodian found a man inside Providence Grove High School while opening up the school on Monday morning. 

The school employee told the Randolph County Sheriff's Office a man, now identified as Khristian Krajenka, had opened the doors to the fire extinguisher cabinets, opened doors to classrooms, attempted to shower in the locker room, removed sporting goods from storage areas, damaged the basketball court, plugged up the scoreboard inside the gym, placed a ping pong table on the basketball court, and was currently sitting in the weight room. 

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Krajenka told officers he did not have an ID and refused to give any other information. 

Deputies say based on security footage, Krajenka, 22, had been inside the school since 3:30 a.m. Several items were missing from one of the classrooms and vandalism was found. 

Krajenka was arrested and charged with the following: 

  • Felony Breaking and/or Entering
  • Felony Larceny after Breaking/Entering
  • Misdemeanor First Degree Trespassing Enter/Remain
  • Two Counts Misdemeanor Injury to Real Property
  • Misdemeanor Injury to Personal Property
  • Misdemeanor Resisting a Public Officer

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