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Many GCS parents use other ways of transportation after city bus announcement

Peggy Enoch is now relying on her father who lives in Winston-Salem to take her son to school.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Some parents and students have concerns with using public transportation. 

WFMY News 2 learned some families are using other ways to get their children to school. Peggy Enoch's son goes to Dudley High School. She said she was alarmed when she first heard about city buses taking students to school due to the bus driver shortage.

"Had this been given out like maybe over winter break, I probably could have explained the whole process to him a little better, maybe even practiced," Enoch said. 

Her son goes back to school Wednesday due to exam week. She had to ask her father in Winston-Salem to help get him to school. 

"That way I'll know he would get to school on time, and he doesn't have to worry about 'oh, I have to go downtown, I have to read a schedule on google maps or find out where's my bus stop' or anything like that," Enoch said.

Dee Sanders, another GCS parent, has a child that attends Smith High School.

She told WFMY News 2 due to a work conflict her son will take a cab to school when she can't pick him up.

We also spoke to Precious Mckoy, whose son attends Dudley High School. She said her family wasn't as affected as others. She said the best option is for her household is to drive her son to school, with it being something she doesn't take for granted. 

 "Not every parent has that flexibility, and I realize that. Some parents are working, or may have children in various schools," Mckoy said. "We even looked up the schedule where we were surprised to find out that if he were to get on the bus, it would be a 3-hour commute both ways." 

Peggy Enoch said she's looking into her child possibly riding the shuttle buses. But at this time, the best option for her is having her father help out.