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Masks are now required: Here's what that means

You must wear a mask in public spaces. You can also carry a gun while wearing a mask unless a business owner says otherwise.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The city of Greensboro has a mask order in affect, but it's not clear when the city plans to end it.

So until a date is set, all Greensboro visitors and residents are required to wear a face covering in public and private places where social distancing isn't possible.

That includes grocery stories, sidewalks and public transit.

But there are exceptions, such as if you're under the age of 12, have religious beliefs that prevent you from wearing a face covering or have health or behavioral issues.

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City manager David Parrish said you don't need to show proof for any of the exceptions.

“They won't need special documentation or a doctor’s note it’s just one of the exceptions that exist,” Parrish said.

The city wants folks to voluntarily comply.

If you don't, officers have the power to charge you with a class 2 misdemeanor.

A big talker on social media is whether or not folks can legally carry a hand gun while wearing a face covering.

The answer is yes, if the mask is to protect you from the virus, but you must remove it if told to do so by law enforcement.

“We've seen an increase in our community and state in the number of cases so this is one additional measure the city felt it could take to slow the spread of this,” Parrish said.

For some mask can be uncomfortable, especially as we enter the hottest months of the year.

Primary Care doctor Zoe Stallings has some tips.

“Try wearing a lighter weight mask. Carry more than one so if you have a fabric mask and you perspire you can switch it out,” Stallings said “Take breaks and remove the mask when no one else is near you. You're responsible for your safety and others so try your best to keep it on in public.”

Dr. Stallings recommends you store your mask in a paper or plastic bag. Throwing it in your pocket or purse could contaminate your mask. You can find breathable paper mask at your local pharmacy.


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