WILKESBORO, N.C. (WFMY)-- A sinkhole two years in the making. If you've traveled on 421 in Wilkes County, you know probably know about it.

The massive hole has just about swallowed up the Taco Bell. Right now, the town's hands are tied when it comes to repairs. The sink hole is on private property.

Town officials told WFMY News 2's Hannah Brewer that the property owners, Wisco Diversified Incorporated, have no plans to fix it right now.

It's causing issues for people who shop in the complex next to the Taco Bell. "My biggest hassle would be-- there's an entrance on the other side of this-- I don't know exactly what store this is, but there's an entrance on the other side of it that they've blocked off and it's pretty annoying," says Tirth Patel, a Wilkesboro resident.

Town officials say the cause is the drainage pipe under the sinkhole, which wore out and caused water to backup underground.

Now when the town gets a lot of rain, the sinkhole floods and causes water to spill onto US 421. It's a safety concern for drivers.

"It floods 421 out real bad and all, but you know, it's just a mess. You know and I think it needs to be fixed. It needs to be addressed," says Rickie Dancy, a Wilkes County resident.

Employees at the shopping complex next to the sinkhole say it's hurting their business quite a bit.

Town officials say they're trying to expedite a N.C. DOT project on 421 that would allow them to replace the drainage pipes.