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Museum of Fine Arts, Houston boasts largest MC Escher collection in world

Virtual Realities shows off about 400 of Escher's works of art. It will run through Sept. 5.

HOUSTON — Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is showing off the "most comprehensive exhibition of works by M.C. Escher ever presented."

It's called "Virtual Realities" and includes more than 400 prints, drawings, watercolors, printed fabrics, constructed objects, wood and linoleum blocks, lithographic stones, sketchbooks, and the artist’s working tools.

"Escher is really known for his mind-bending images," Associate Director of Exhibitions Deborah Roldan said.

Maurits Cornelis Escher was born in 1898 and died in 1972. He was born in the Netherlands and gained notoriety for his unique style.

He referred to his works of art as mental images. Most of them connect to math and other branches of science.

"Escher was heralded in the psychedelic era of the 1960s and 1970s and is treasured today for his mind-bending works," MFAH said on its website.

The display in Houston is the most extensive Escher collection in the world. The works are owned by Michael S. Sachs, who acquired 90% of the Escher estate in 1980.

About 98% of the works of art are from a collector that allowed the Museum to display them.

"Seeing works that haven’t really been shown before. Escher didn’t really sell anything," Roldan said. 

Artwork is usually shown for three months.

"But these works have been in storage for 30 years. They can be out a little longer than usual," Roldan said.

The exhibit will be on display until Sept. 5.

The exhibit gives people a chance to dive into his reality.

"I had no idea he had this much work and it was this comprehensive and extensive. It was a lot of fun," Laura Burlton said.

Here's a photo gallery showing off some of the pieces of work:

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