2018 will be remembered in the record books. A wild weather year in Greensboro can now officially be called the wettest on record, and with more than a week to spare.

Our latest round of heavy rain on Thursday and Friday pushed our rain total well over 62". The old record for most rain in a calendar year was 62.32" set back in 2003. For reference, our average yearly rainfall is just 40". 

Rain Records
List of wettest years on record in Greensboro history.
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There have been so many major weather events this year. Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael both dumped nearly half a foot of rain across our area this fall. More recently, our early-season winter storm dumped 12" of snow that equaled 2" of liquid. 

With more than 1 week to go, our record is likely to continue to widen it's lead. More heavy rain could be on the way for Thursday and Friday of next week.