WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Across the nation people are coming together to pray for President Donald Trump's administration and the country. More than 70 multi-faith prayer vigils were held Sunday with six in North Carolina.

Members of Parkway United Church of Christ in Winston-Salem invited community members from all faiths to gather in their sanctuary. The vigils were held within the first 100 hours of Mr. Trump's presidency.

"Following the election and the division that simply existed before the election but certainly after as well there are a lot of us in the clergy world that felt that we need to come together and we need to bring one another together," Rabbi Mark Cohn of Temple Emanuel said. "Now that the election is done its time to work with each other."

People of Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist faiths sang, read sacred text and prayed for courage and wisdom to unite the nation and their community.

"It really becomes a moment of prayer working toward action because it’s not enough just to pray we need to work as well so this ideally inspires us to go and do good work.," Cohn said.