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My 2 Cents: Something good comes out of everything

Eric Chilton talks about the strengthening of the family unit.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — In the middle of such a health and financial crisis, it is sometimes difficult to find the silver lining.

So today for my two cents I want to talk about something good that has come out of all this and I know that's even hard to say we talk about the coronavirus, the pandemic, what it's doing to the economy, and all that. It's all downer news and it's all true but there's one thing I've been noticing recently that means a lot to me and it's the fact that I am spending more time with my family, with my wife and my kids. 

I'm walking through just a neighborhood and you look at these houses and you think inside there... people are working, the kids are hanging out, hopefully, they are studying the way they should, And it hearkens back to the days of, and I'm really dating myself here,  but the Little House on the Prairie books. I don't know why but it makes me think of that. 

The 1800's time period, that took place during the time when the family unit was "the family unit." It was a big deal. I just get that imagery that we are all spending more time together and in my opinion when I think about this, if a family unit is that much stronger in the United States as a result of this pandemic then something good has come out of this. Sometimes you need to stop and remember that the silver lining in all of this may be the strengthening of the family unit.. But that's just my two cents.

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