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Natty Greene’s Brewing Company files for chapter 7 bankruptcy

Natty Greene's restaurant in downtown Greensboro will stay open but it will not sell its craft beer after filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A staple of downtown Greensboro has gone bankrupt. 

Natty Greene's Brewing Company has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Owners said the pandemic played a role. The move means no more Natty Greene's craft beer. This is much different from chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company is not restructuring. Chapter 7 means it's unable to repair its financial situation and plans to liquidate assets. 

According to the Triad business journal, the move does not affect the Natty Greene's restaurant in downtown Greensboro. It will stay open. The brewing side of the operation will end. Natty's brewhouse already closed earlier this month. 

This is the third Greensboro brewery to close this year. Preyer closed in February. Gibbs Hundred closed in September.

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