Last month, North Carolina grandmother was detained at Disney World, after guards found a bottle of CBD oil in her purse. 

Police arrested her, charging her with possession of a controlled substance, but those charges were ultimately dropped. But, questions surrounding CBD remain - and there's a lot of gray area. 

Hester Burkhalter says she spent 15 hours detained, before getting out on a $2,000 bond back in April. Now, prosecutors dropped those charges, but the traumatic experience stuck with her. 

"There's not words to put in the way I feel I've been treated," she told our sister station in Charlotte, "If people has pain and they can use something that's not going to hurt them, why can't they use it?"

The FDA removed hemp as a "controlled substance" last year. So, on the federal level - if the CBD is derived from *hemp, and not *marijuana - it's legal. It also must contain less than 0.3% that's the chemical that 'gets you high.'

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Rules from state to state vary, so it gets confusing - fast, so traveling with these products is tricky.  Also, CBD isn't regulated yet by the FDA, but many who use it, swear by it - saying it's a natural remedy to pain. 

"It makes me feel calmed down," said William Styers, "I'm a college student so I just finished finals this week, and honestly it's probably the the only thing that got me through it."

Styers works at a newly opened Greensboro hemp dispensary on Lawndale - one of several popping up across the Triad.

"Everything in here, instead of a marijuana product, it's a hemp product. It's a similar plant but it doesn't have any of the compound that gets you high," he explained. 

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At the end of the month, the FDA is holding a public hearing to find out - how best to regulate, manufacture, market, and label CBD products. 

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