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NC DMV: What's the wait time? New feature to be available this summer

Just like a restaurant or theme park, you'll be able to check the wait time at any NC DMV.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Waiting at the NC DMV? Starting this summer, you’ll get to see, in real time, what the wait time is at your local DMV location.  

“It's this close, we anticipate it being ready by the end of May, and it's like when you go to a restaurant, or Disney World, where it tells you what the wait time is,” said Wayne Goodwin, NC DMV Commissioner.

For folks that are walk-ins this summer, you could be using the DMV wait time feature to figure out whether you should walk in or not. That's a big deal because walk-ins are the way most people will get into the DMV from now on.

New schedule changes mean all NC DMV locations will offer walk-ins all day, but appointments will only be made in the AM. There are no more afternoon appointments. The changes took effect on May 1, 2023. Goodwin says about 25% of people who had appointments were no-shows. 


2 Wants To Know found out about another new change at the DMV, this one is also a technology upgrade.

“We are seeking authorization to have a mobile ID, a mobile driver's license. It's not a photograph, it is an actual working document online through an app. It's more secure than your plastic credential, so stay tuned for that,” said Goodwin.

The mobile ID and driver's license are  NC House Bill 199. We'll keep an eye on it for you and let you know what happens.


“By and large, the number one document that folks forget to bring is an actual document of insurance coverage. It can't be an email, you can't show them your cell phone, it has to be an actual document,” said Goodwin.


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