RALEIGH, N.C. — The North Carolina Highway Patrol provided an update on its promotion process review on Thursday. 

Last week, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol (NCSHP) confirmed the law enforcement agency was putting promotions on hold after receiving an anonymous allegation that the promotional testing process had been compromised. Colonel Glenn McNeill, commander of the NCSHP, said he was "saddended and concerned" about the allegation, and called for an internal investigation. 

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Today, Colonel McNeill provided the following updates on the investigation: 

  • NCSHP said Ms. Unber Ahmad, a graduate student who was employed by N.C. State University to assist with the promotion process, who was also in the Highway Patrol internship program, was removed from the internship program on June 25.
  • N.C. State University is continuing its internal audit, and NCSHP anticipates they will provide their findings in the near future. 
  • NCSHP had decided not to publish the 2019-2020 promotion list provided by N.C. State University, based on Highway Patrol's ethical principles as it relates to the promotion process and its participants. 
  • The entire promotions process is under review, and NCSHP is taking steps to refine and improve the process used by the Patrol for future promotion opportunities. In addition, the promotion process will reside under the Professional Standards Section of the Patrol. 

“It is without question that this organization is committed to maintaining high standards of credibility, integrity, and fairness in each of its practices and the promotion process is no exception," said McNeill. “Please know each step forward will be taken with great care to ensure that the process utilized for promotion opportunities is unimpeachable and in the best interest of our members.”