RALEIGH, N.C. -- A North Carolina state trooper has been placed on administrative duty over an Instagram post that said police beatings are deserved, the Associated Press reported.

Sgt. Jonathan K. Whitley is on administrative duty due to a Highway Patrol internal affairs investigation, Sgt. Micheal Baker confirmed to CBS 17.

An Instagram post obtained by CBS 17 matches an Instagram post reported by the Associated Press to be behind the investigation.

The post from user "jkwhitley2608" says he despises the public education system and "indoctrination centers known as college campuses."

The post goes on to say 99 percent of the media are "anti-American liberal supporting communist."

Before writing about police beatings, the post says "I didn't own a slave so I owe you nothing."

"If you act like a fool toward police and you tote a beat down, don't get on TV in hopes of getting your check," the post reads. "The police already gave you what you deserved."

The post also says corrections officers should be busting the heads of prisoners if they refuse to do hard labor.

The post also touches on the impeachment of President Trump.

"President Trump will not be impeached, much less removed from office, and I can't wait to vote for him again."

Whitley, a 23-year veteran of the Highway Patrol, is assigned to Troop C, District 2 in Wayne County, Baker said.