GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Across our state, many of us are getting used to this "work-from-home" lifestyle. The same goes for our state representatives - many of whom are now serving on what they're calling the COVID-19 task force. This week, they'll begin meeting remotely.

"The purpose of our task force is to take a very specific look at all the ways which COVID-19 is having an impact on North Carolina," said Representative Jon Hardister. 

Representative Hardister says the task force will lay the groundwork for swift action when the General Assembly convenes at the end of April. 

While Governor Cooper and other state leaders address the immediate response to the coronavirus, the House's task force will look at the lasting impact.

"What we want to do between now and then, because that's not much more than a month from now, we want to look at what kind of actions can we take once we do go back into session to help address the crisis," Hardister said. 

The Guilford County Representative says there are four areas of focus: education, healthcare, economy, and government operation.

For education - how can lawmakers address childcare and virtual learning? For healthcare - does our medical system have enough supplies - like ventilators, masks, and gloves?

For the economy - Hardister says the state is waiting to see what Congress passes in terms of stimulus. 

He says it's a good thing North Carolina has a nearly $4 billion unemployment reserve and more money elsewhere.

"That said, that money is not going to last forever," he said, "And that's why we are hoping that the situation with the virus will stabilize sooner rather than later." 

The task force will begin meeting remotely Wednesday morning. You can find out more information by clicking here.

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