RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - Goley Boggs has been working as a gate attendant at the North Carolina State Fair for the past six years.

“Yeah, it’s good to be back considering the alternative,” Boggs said.

Boggs is a retired Knightdale fire captain, so he’s no stranger to emergency situations.

But on Thursday when Tropical Storm Michael rolled in he found himself in a situation where he needed to be rescued.

“When I come back this morning I had a tree on top of my trailer and a tree on my new truck and our tent that the gate people work in was mashed flat. So everything was tore up,” said Boggs. “It was just a mess.”

Boggs stays in a trailer during the fair. He was inside when a tree came crashing down.

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“I was in there just a few minutes and all the sudden the trailer started rocking,” Boggs said. “It was that fear that a tree was falling and it was a lot of loud crashing and then when I see the top of the tree come through the trailer, I knew a tree had done fallen on me.”

Boggs says firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement quickly came to his rescue.

He spent a short time in the hospital but he managed to escape the scary situation with just a few scrapes and bruises.

After the incident, he noticed what looked like a cross above his trailer. He thinks it's a sign.

“It makes you wonder, makes you think, that somebody is looking out for you somewhere,” Boggs said.