A North Carolina family is sharing a $2 million lottery prize thanks to Mom's winning ticket.

Steddy Primus of Upper Marlboro, Md., says his mom likes to get a Powerball ticket every week. Primus, an Army veteran, normally checks the lottery numbers for his mother to see if she won.

After the Nov. 15 drawing, he discovered her ticket won $2 million and immediately called his family.

“At first I thought something was wrong,” said Eleas Ottley, Primus' aunt. “We never call each other that early in the morning unless something bad happened.”

“I was worried,” said Steddy's daughter Chavonne Primus, who lives in Wake Forest. “The text said he needed to talk to me and was planning to make a trip down to deal with some stuff.”

The family members claimed the prize Monday at state lottery headquarters in Raleigh. The mother chose not to claim any of the winnings, letting the family claim them. After required state and federal withholdings, Primus took home $973,014. Chavonne and Eleas both took home $208,503.

The three plan to use the money to pay bills and put the rest in savings.