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Need Help With A Home Improvement Project? There's An App For That!

A Winston-Salem company launches app to help connect handymen with people who need their help!

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — You have your tools: the hammer, the wrench, the nails, the saw... You're ready to tackle that 'do it yourself' home improvement project! But you also have the questions: Are you using the right tool? How do you cut? Can you watch that tutorial one more time? Now, there's an app for that and it was created by a Winston-Salem company!

Dan Driscoll, CEO of Patch joined Julie Luck and Chad Silber to talk about the app! He said people can go to the app to connect to a local contractor or handyman to get expert advice. They can walk a client through just about any electrical, plumbing or household project in a live through the app. But if you still can't handle the project, they can come out and help in person!

He came up because he's not a good handyman and he and his wife is a physician who uses telemedicine often. Telemedicine lets doctors talk virtually with people who need advice, so they figured they'd try the same idea with home improvement!

We asked Driscoll what professionals might think and whether or not they worry this cuts into their business. He says professionals benefit from it as well, because many times people who use the app have a list of things they need done beyond the one project -- and use the same professional for help over and over again. He says it helps them cultivate new relationships. 

 Driscoll says people have been using it from the Triad to California and have seen success!

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