KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Neighbors are hoping a washed out road in Kernersville will finally spark some change.

Kristen Brown says part of Robinette Lane by her home has been deteriorating for a while. She and her neighbors started noticing it a few years ago. When rain and wind from Hurricane Florence came through, it washed out more. They think Hurricane Michael was the last straw. Her husband caught the collapse on camera.

"We have at least 12 houses on this road and we have several elderly neighbors," she explains. "We have people in their 80s and 90s on this road. Unfortunately, the farther houses have to walk to get home and some of them just can’t do it. When the road completely collapsed yesterday there was no way for an ambulance to get in if they needed help."

DOT workers came to fill in part of the roadway after it collapsed, but Brown is hoping for a permanent fix. She says she and her neighbors, plus staff from the church up the road have written in about their road before and have filed official complaints. They hope now they'll be heard.

"We're kind of the forgotten area," Brown says. "It's hard to get anyone that will help you and you can't do it alone."