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Neighbors hope for solution to flash flooding problem in Burlington neighborhood

People who live in the neighborhood say a creek near the homes causes flooding during fast, heavy rain.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — Flash flooding from Monday afternoon storms has receded in Burlington but people living on one street said this happens too often.

Broken fences and debris were left in yards along Beech Drive after heavy rains caused flooding.

"Once or twice a year, this happens and you can't do anything. I just sit on my porch and watch it happen," Sabrina Crump said.

Crump has lived on Beech Drive for 23 years. She's familiar with surveying her yard in rain boots after storms. She said the culprit is a creek that runs behind her and her neighbors' homes.

"It's getting worse over the years," Crump said. "It happens when the rain comes up really fast and really hard. It's like the water has nowhere else to go."

It's a problem Kishlar Cheek didn't know about when she moved in down the street three years ago. Now, she's used to keeping track of the rain.

"It started raining and I thought we were good," Cheek said. "Less than 10 minutes later, we were flooded."

Flash flooding totaled her car last summer. She keeps her car parked on the high ground now.

Three houses down, her neighbor's car suffered the same fate Monday. The owner said it wouldn't crank after sitting in the floodwaters.

Cheek is still dealing with damage to her fence and shed.

"I've replaced everything and now I'm pretty sure it's damaged again," Cheek said.

She's had enough.

"I'm gonna move. It's just too much," Cheek said.

Crump said city officials gave her and other neighbors similar advice. They said the creek is on private property.

"Nobody is gonna want to live here so selling our house is out of the question," Crump said.

She knows this will happen again, it's just a matter of when.

"We don't want to keep coming home, looking at all the flooding and someday and all the water's gotten inside the house. We're trying to find someone to help us with this issue," Crump said.

They hope to find that solution before the next storm rolls in.

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