GREENSBORO, N.C.-- If you use Netflix, beware of an old email scam making the rounds again.

Hackers are posing as Netflix employees, saying that there is something wrong with your account or they need you to reenter your credit card to continue service.

In the email, there's a link.

When you click on it, you're directed to another page that looks like the Netflix log in page. But it's not.

Tech expert Kent Meeker says the goal is to get you to enter your username, password, and potentially your credit card information.

"They will record the keys as you put them in and stuff it into a little file somewhere so they can to those access those later to see if that information matches your Netflix account and if it matches any other accounts that you may have out there," Meeker explained.

The biggest thing we can do is to pay attention.

Look at the sender.

If the email is from a gmail or yahoo account, you can assume it didn't come from Netflix.

Pay attention for inconsistencies in font size and typos. And be wary if you're being pressured into clicking a link, to avoid a suspension on your account.

If you do get an email like this ignore it. But if you want to check your Netflix account, open a separate window and log on that way.