GREENSBORO, N.C. — Guilford County Schools is looking over a new report that says the district should spend about $1.5 billion to fix up schools.

The report, conducted by MGT Consulting Group, goes over school capacity, building condition, neighborhoods and security around schools.

The consulting group recommended that the district do a hefty revamping of several schools, to improve functionality and security.  They also recommend moving some district borders to better accommodate students.

Guilford County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras was one of many school leaders who had questions about the assessment, but she agrees there are changes that need to be made.

"It's taking a toll on the learning program, I think that is what they were trying to stress," said Dr. Contreras, "The district is trying to provide a 21st century learning program for students, but the learning environment does not match the programs that we are trying to offer."

"The total cost is more than a billion dollars, indicating that we have not upgraded the schools in the way that we've needed to or not have the money to do so.

Keep in mind these are only recommendations; nothing is set in stone right now.

While the consultants said, every school is different - and has different needs, they saw some themes across the district - including playgrounds in poor condition, schools lacking the right number of security cameras, or not having appropriately sized classrooms. They also noted there was a high number of portable classrooms in use throughout Guilford County.

School and county leaders are able to review the recommendations and continue asking questions to the firm.

To see the report for yourself, click here.

We'll keep you posted on any decisions the district makes based on this report.