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Currituck County woman creates Facebook group to rally volunteers during COVID-19 crisis

As the coronavirus outbreak impacts individuals and families, Lauren Hanley is mobilizing volunteers in her area to help people in desperate need of supplies.

CURRITUCK COUNTY, N.C. — In the midst of coronavirus fears, a community in North Carolina is practicing neighborly love.

Lauren Hanley organized the ‘Currituck Helping Hands‘ group on Facebook, where residents are coming together to help others during this difficult time. 

“As one person, we can't do hardly anything. But as a community, we can do everything,” says Hanley. “I can't just sit here and complain that this is happening and not take a step to make the change myself. So, I got on Facebook and I started this group. I advertised on our local community page. And it kinda just took off."

The Facebook group collects donations from the community and then delivers them to people seeking help, such as seniors or individuals and families in need. 

“It's just been amazing seeing how everybody has been able to pull together,” says Hanley. “And it gives me hope that...even though we're going through such a hard time, it's not bleak.“

The group is also a place for members to share ideas and other efforts that could benefit their community. 

“Everybody's kind of found what kind of calls to their heart, I guess,” Hanley said. “And it's just been amazing, the different variety of ways we've been able to help in our community."

Hanley says she’s been amazed by her community’s willingness to give back, and she hopes even more residents will make the choice to extend a hand to their neighbors. ”Now's our time to shine,” says Hanley. “Now is the time to...social distance, but not pull apart as a community.”

To learn more about the ‘Currituck Helping Hands‘ Facebook group or to make a donation, click here.

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