CLEMMONS, N.C. -- Homeowners in Clemmons say they're seeing more deer on their property this year. While some enjoy the nature, others say the deer are a nuisance.

Bob Sipprell awoke one morning to find the crown jewel of his garden had disappeared.

"My hosta plant really was the beautiful centerpiece of the yard. I was just mad," Sipprell said.

Sipprell has lived in his Clemmons home for nearly 40 years, and his garden has been there almost as long. But it wasn't until this year, that he had to install a gate to keep out a growing number of deer coming into his yard.

"We've had a lot of development," Sipprell explained. "We built a school, a library, a big apartment complex. And the deer need vegetation to eat. So they come to our yards."

Sipprell and his neighbors took their concerns to the town council.

Mayor Nick Nelson said the council has decided to contact the North Carolina Department of Wildlife for help.

"First we want to find out if the population really is increasing and if it's a problem," Nelson said. "Then we'll work from there."

According to the Department of Wildlife, it does not move deer to different areas because the process is expensive, difficult and can have negative consequences for the animals.

The department said the best options to keep deer away include fences, repellents and security devices designed to scare away wildlife.